The Classic Global Esports Red & Blue

Welcome to The Classic Red & Blue GE Jersey. Indian esports has seen many iconic moments on this official, limited edition jersey. The OG’s of Indian esports can trace the origins of this jersey back to even before games like BattleGrounds Mobile India, or Free Fire were launched! 

Its official origin was with our Overwatch team back in 2017. Then on, it went #GEFighting its way domestically and globally across multiple games like CS:GO, Fortnite, DOTA 2, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG PC, Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, much before it became legendary in South Asian Valorant and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Dorn by many past, present and legends in the making with equal pride. This classic jersey is a limited time, limited quantity drop restricted to 1337 units.

The Perks of being an OG

If you already have the Classic Jersey, good chance we know each other on a first name/gamer name basis. If not, well - hurry.

These 1337 Units, will never be revived again, and are only available for this month (or when they sell out, whichever happens earlier).

We could tell you more about the material and its cult collector status, but there are more perks with this jersey. 

If you are wearing this jersey to our View Parties, or our events - you are automatically welcomed to be in our special exclusive VIP section.

If we manage to bump into each other on the rare occasion that we are not playing, we’d be more than happy for a quick chat, and a selfie.

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